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Chamber escape room coupon

chamber escape room coupon

tourists are not disappointed. This is the ideal activity for date night, birthday parties, or a fun new spin on corporate team building! Save the celebratory/consulatory beverages for after your experience. Unfortunately walk-ins are not allowed. So we say that it is more creepy than scary.

The Chamber Escape Room

chamber escape room coupon

There are no jump scares, and no one will be chasing you with a chain saw or anything like that! This can actually make the experience more fun. Copy our discount code if available. We also have lobby space available to rent upon request. You can book escape rooms via mobile phone from your hotel or directly from the street. Just picture yourself where you are in a completely different world and you are placed inside a room with the purpose of being able to find your way out. The Chamber Escape Room 1495 Morse Road, columbus, OH, produced by Columbus Escape Room LLC. Please send a message to and we can set up a private group at your convenience. Thank you so much we appreciate your kind words. Intoxicated guests will not be allowed to participate.