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Dynasty warriors unleashed free coupon code

dynasty warriors unleashed free coupon code

) Assail (. The maximum level for refining an item. 2 ) Strike (. Unused Artifact List Ringed Coin Animal Statue Bird Lamp Urn Mirror Extracted from weapons, armor, and artifacts, these pieces of jewelry provide large stat boosts when worn. Edict (4; Other) Edict (Dodge) An officer recruitment order. Open it to randomly recruit an officer with 4 to 6 stars. Delicious buns invented by Zhuge Liang.

dynasty warriors unleashed free coupon code

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed Official Community, visit our official page for the latest news and events! Level 3 Increases critical damage by 30 for 10 seconds when killing soldiers. A powerful black crystal. Level 3 Every successful hit has a 25 chance to stun an enemy for 3 seconds. Level 2 Increases attack by 15 when health is under.

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