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card Act of 2009 makes it easier for the estate's administrator to settle the account in a timely fashion. (See When card issuers sue ) Using PayPal? We look at each type. If not, an ex's financial misbehavior can come back to haunt you. Debt settlement means the creditor gets at least something back, so it damages credit scores less than bankruptcy, which wipes out debt. (See Cash ) Credit card agreement from your issuer - Federal law requires credit card issuers to post their agreements; find yours from this list. (See Australia ) Federal Reserve leaves key interest rate unchanged - Despite recent stock market weakness and trouble in the financial sector, the Federal Reserve left a key short-term interest rate unchanged Tuesday. (See APR ) Congress may repeal cfpb prepaid card rule - Consumer protections that have been on the drawing board for years are endangered by tide of deregulation in Washington. (See Surcharges ) 5 times it makes sense to call your card's customer service - If youre confused about terms or have problems, just make the call.

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(See Virtual credit cards ) 1099-C surprise: Canceled debt often taxable as income - Many consumers aren't aware that forgiven credit card debt may be taxable income, and it shows up on an IRS 1099-C form. (See Fraud ) Card add-on products stage a comeback - Add-on services like payment protection are expected to rebound from regulators' smackdown. (See Financial FAQs ) Cardholders in Wildfire Stricken CA Aided by Banks - Banks are working with victims of the California wildfires. (See.19 ) Statutes of limitation for credit card debt collection, all 50 states - Creditors have a limited time in which to file suit over unpaid credit card debt. (See No quick fix ) Steps to take when a family friend steals your card - When someone you know fraudulently uses your card and racks up big debt, you have to file a police report in order to clear up your credit. There is no specific amount of time you have to wait before you can start charging again after bankruptcy. If you're not wary, they'll end up with a refund debit card meant for you. Today, 'New Frugal You' columnist Gary Foreman ponders, should you co-sign a loan? Get 20 in Free Stock Shares. Payday lender cards "feature" a slew of gotchas and fees - even for on-time payments. (See Getting a loan after bankruptcy ) Q A with FTC's scam-spotting enforcer, Lois Greisman - Some of the scams she focuses on target those down on their luck, and the technique is no more high-tech than a knock on the door. (See Reverse PIN ) 5 smart moves to make before the new credit card law takes effect - For some, swift action is called for to lock in a deal before the law's provisions kick in Feb.

(See Future ) Credit card interest rates rise ahead of new law - Regulations plus recession make card issuers pull the APR trigger and hike cardholders' rates. (See Credit ) Wells Fargo's huge fine: inside the numbers - Wells Fargo will pay 185 million for secretly opening unauthorized accounts for its customers, and that's not the only big number connected to the case. (See Credit rehab ) Banks seek rule change to allow more cellphone fraud alerts - Despite a plague of data breaches, banks fear lawsuits if they send fraud alerts via text messages and cellphone calls, according to an industry group. To make matters worse, he stopped paying the bill. But it's not the same as taking a regular photo, as long as you're using a secure payment app. Bank won't know the exact cost of making a borrowing mistake until it's too late. (See Mizzou ) Southern Cal students opine on new credit card law - USC students have seen parents and friends handle, and mishandle, their cards. One of those options does NOT include paying less than the minimum.