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Cox internet only promo code

cox internet only promo code

which my bill went up another.00 For the past 2 yrs. They got you by the short and curlies and don't give a damn what briar patch coupons you think about it or how they screw you over. I had to agree to a 2-year contract extension and they would upgrade my equipment and freeze my (already too high) rate for that 2 years. And we are left holding the bag still. Someone really needs to listen to all the recorded phone calls that have been made between myself and Cox and vice versa. The service is poor, many time the channels freeze, the sound isn't working, but what irritates us the most is they still keep advertising no contract which is a lie. 4 people found this review helpful Paul of Street, Maryland Verified Reviewer Original review: May 13, 2018 Pay too much for channels that I do not watch.

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Extremely Fast Internet Speeds at Up to 50 Mbps. We insisted Sunday. I would just like to get decent internet at a decent price. Apparently COX communications has not learned from the recession. In 2016 they sent me a coupon to bundle my services and I did and all Hell has broken out free printable grocery coupons no registration no downloads since. I paid 515.87 Today. Well a month later I get a bill and it states that I owe 117 and some change. 8 days and counting. Called again, "we understand your frustration and the inconveniences". I asked if I could try and lower my bill and was transferred to another dept. No Coupon Code Necessary, click Here to Learn More About the DirecTV Select Deal.

cox internet only promo code