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Adult Education. The School offers informative lectures and workshops to the parents, teachers and interested parties to further a deeper understanding of Waldorf education and child development. Speakers come from both within and outside of our community. Tags. education scholars. Directory of Maryland Adult Education Programs/Classes - Adult Education and Literacy Services. To find an adult education program in your community, click on the area where you live.

“I think the end result of Waldorf education is to raise our consciousness. There is a heightened consciousness of what our senses bring us from the world around us, about our feelings, about the way we relate to other people. It taught me how to think for myself, to be responsible for my decisions. Waldorf University is a friendly, private liberal arts school located centrally in beautiful Forest City, Iowa. For more than 100 years, Waldorf has been the cornerstone in the lives of thousands, setting the solid foundation for success among students, their families and the community.

Adult Education and Literacy Services - Workforce Development & Adult Learning. Adult Education and Literacy Services is an integral part of the Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning, providing instruction and services in. Empowering Parents with Personal Development Through the Adult Education Program, the Austin Waldorf School endeavors to create and offer opportunities for parents and the wider community to increase their understanding of Waldorf education. Our lectures and workshops allow our faculty to share their expertise as well as engage the community in personal development.