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Gator Guards brings the best products to protect your boat. Our feature products, KeelShield, BowShield, SkegShield, GatorSkinz, Gator Patch, Hitch Guard. The Bow Buddy Trailer Shield is the ultimate protection for your boat from flying gravel. You don’t have to lose that showroom shine! It’s designed to withstand the toughest gravel road conditions while protecting your boat from costly, hard to repair rock chips.

The RockGARD™ is a patented trailer rock guard to greatly reduce road-tar and damage caused by rocks and road debris. It is easy to install and remove for safe access when launching your boat. There are many sizes and configurations available, so the RockGARD will work for almost any boat and trailer. Apr 12, 2018 · The keel of most boats is the center line running down the bottom of your boat. It generally protrudes and slices into the water. This product doesn't compare to a good quality keel guard product carried by boat dealers and repair shops. No way boat shops are they going to use something as flimsy as this. The peel-and-stick is a joke.4.1/5(246).

We originally started with paint protection for automobiles, RV's and motorcycles. The product works so well we decided to try it on boats and personal water craft and the results are amazing! Our clear film (made by 3M™) adheres to the hull of your boat to protect it against mishaps that can happen in shallow water, such as rubbing against rocks or debris that would normally damage your. Apr 04, 2013 · The Lund rock guard is really nice. I have one on my 1975, it is doing a good job. Any material will scuff the paint up if not kept clean. I wax my boat a couple times a year, plus powerwash the rock guard every so often to keep it clean.