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British Virgin Islands International Business Company. Features and characteristics of BVI IBC. Incorporation and annual requirements for BVI IBC. There is no capital duty on the issuance of shares of a British Virgin Islands IBC, provided that it does not hold any land in the British Virgin Islands. REGISTERED OFFICE. BVI IBC Incorporation. The British Virgin Islands have offered offshore company registration since the middle of 80s, and during this period of time they have become one of the most popular Caribbean jurisdictions, with good regulation rules, prosperous economy and stable political situation.

BVI IBC is a business company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. BVI corporations gain offshore IBC status when all the company’s operations are made outside of the chain of islands. BVI IBCs pay no local taxes on foreign earned income. A British Virgin Islands offshore company is afforded privacy and confidentiality as information concerning a BVI corporation is not filed as public. The British Virgin Islands were administered variously as part of the British Leeward Islands or with St. Kitts and Nevis, with an administrator representing the British Government on the islands. The islands gained separate colony status in 1960 and became autonomous in 1967 under the new post of Calling code: +1-284.

The International Business Companies (IBC) Act of the British Virgin Islands was first passed in 1984. The Act itself was amended on several different occasions and subsequently was replaced with the BVI Business Company Act of 2004. The British Virgin Island (“BVI”) is one of the most recognized offshore destinations in the world. Since 1984, the BVI International Business Company (IBC) has incorporated more than 600,000 companies to date and an average of 250-300 new companies registered on a daily basis.