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An Older Adult Recognition Sunday provides the opportunity for a congregation to celebrate the gifts and contributions of older adults, to honor the traditions and legacy of our elders. This Sunday should also call the church to action in addressing the needs of older adults in the congregation and community. For Senior Adult Sunday: There are legitimate concerns about aging; but there are also those who would prey on the elderly. God is our ultimate refuge and the protector of those who are to be valued, not thrown away. If it’s old, it has to go. That used to be the message.

SBC Seminaries Sunday, April 28; MAY 2019. National Day of Prayer, May 2; Senior Adult Sunday, May 5; Christian Home Week, May 12 to 18; JUNE 2019. Southern Baptist Convention, June 11 to 12; Baptist Men’s Emphasis, June 16; Mission:Dignity Sunday, June 23; Citizenship and Religious Liberty Sunday, June 30; JULY 2019. Send Relief Sunday, July 14. Worship Service for Older Adult Sunday Call to Worship Leader: In You, O Lord, I put my trust, for you are my strong refuge. Let my mouth be filled with your praise. People: I will praise you yet more and more; my mouth shall tell of your righteousness and your salvation all the day.

A senior adult coordinator or better yet, a senior adult committee can help organize and facilitate an exciting senior’s ministry in the local church. As you plan, keep in mind that each senior adult is an individual. What may interest one person may not interest another. One ministry idea won't meet all needs, so be flexible and. This Sunday is a time to recognize senior adults in the local church. This provides an opportunity to express appreciation to senior adults for their service to God and recognize their contributions to the work of the church. If this date is not good, please choose another date to honor the seniors in your church. Senior Adult Sunday Read More».