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Jan 02, 2009 · STEM CELLS, a peer reviewed journal published monthly, provides a forum for prompt publication of original investigative papers and concise reviews. STEM CELLS is read and written by clinical and basic scientists whose expertise encompasses the rapidly expanding fields of stem and progenitor cell biology.Cited by: 310. Jan 02, 2009 · Recent data suggest that the adult germ line may represent an alternative and natural source of pluripotent stem cells. Multipotent adult germ line stem cells (maGSCs) with properties similar to those of embryonic stem cells have been derived from mouse spermatogonial stem cells.Cited by: 32.

Sep 01, 2008 · The derivation of autologous pluripotent cells has become a central goal in translational stem cell research. Although somatic cell nuclear transfer and transcription factor-based reprogramming enable the generation of pluripotent cells from adult tissue, both methodologies depend on complex epigenetic alterations. Adult stem cells are undifferentiated cells, found throughout the body after development, that multiply by cell division to replenish dying cells and regenerate damaged tissues.Also known as somatic stem cells (from Greek Σωματικóς, meaning of the body), they can be found in juvenile as well as adult animals and humans, unlike embryonic stem cells.MeSH: D053687.

Jan 12, 2010 · Considerable progress has been made in directing ES cells to differentiate along specific lineages in vitro (Conti et al. 2005; Lowell et al. 2006; Izumi et al. 2007) and there are many in vitro and murine models of lineage selection by adult tissue stem cells (e.g. Watt & Collins 2008). It is clear that in many contexts the Erk and Akt Cited by: 138. Jul 01, 2008 · Adult Stem Cells Reprogrammed In Their Natural Environment Date: July 1, 2008 Source: Salk Institute Summary: In recent years, stem cell researchers have .