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May 13, 2008 · The most common part pierced for sexual pleasures is the tongue. I am told it does not really hurt to have the tongue pierced, and the benefits are somewhat obvious. So, yes, it’s safe to. Does a tongue ring actually do anything for you? Close. 16. Posted by u/[deleted] 6 years ago. Archived. I had a tongue piercing for a while and was hoping that it'd be just as pleasing for my partners. Unfortunately, when I had the piercing, the partners I had all told me they couldn't even tell it was there.

8 Strange Facts About Tongue Rings. Tongue rings increase sexual pleasure. A tongue piercing is one of the most common piercings that people get in order to increase sexual stimulation. Tongue rings enhance the pleasure derived from oral sex, for both men and women. The barbell of the ring can be used by a skilled lover to tease, stimulate Author: Ideaspiercing. I can tell you from both angles. My girlfriend has a tongue ring and I have one also. I'm bi so I not only get head from someone with a tongue piercing, but I give head as well. It doesn't fell that much different when you get it unless the giver knows what they're doing and can work their tongue .

Oct 13, 2015 · The tongue piercing, however, I wanted because I found them to be wholly intriguing. In my mind, making the choice to pierce my tongue was a Author: Jen Marie. One of the ladies that worked with my husband, Melanie, had her tongue pierced. After going to several parties with her there, and getting to know her better, I finally got the nerve up to ask her about her tongue. She told me that she has had it pierced for over a year.