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Jan 01, 2007 · Lookin Ass Nigga Lyrics: Weak lookin' ass nigga, ho-lookin' ass nigga / Dirty white sock on your toe lookin' ass nigga / Rat lookin' ass nigga, "will you marry me", splat lookin' ass nigga / Whoopi. Hotstylz Lookin Ass Nigga Lyrics. Lookin Ass Nigga lyrics performed by Hotstylz: Yeah, yall muthafuckers wanna get the biten at lookin ass, you know.

Look at y'all lookin' ass niggas Stop lookin' at my ass ass niggas Look at y'all lyin' ass niggas Talkin' 'bout "It's paid off" but it's financed, lyin' ass nigga Bunch of non-mogul ass niggas Frontin' like they got a plan, Boost Mobile ass nigga Nigga, nigga, look at y'all Can't get a job so you plottin' how to rob ass niggas I . HotStyles talk career outside of spotlight after success of Lookin Boy HotStylz’s “Lookin’ Ass and the support we had either got fired or left after our follow-up single didn’t do Author: Ural Garrett.